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Sottocoperta.Net website' sections

In this page you'll find in your language short descriptions of every website' section ;
You can translate every page from a Google's web service: www.google.co.uk/language_tools?hl=en translation is not so exact... but that's all :- )

Itinerari or Routes
RoutesHere you can read some routes in Italy - 'Italia', Europe 'Europa' and in the world 'Mondo'. These routes are written by non-professional travellers, and you also could send us your stories with handmade photos. What's more "Now boarding", our turistic guide and Risorse utili with useful links and resources.
Cucina or Recipes
CookingSix directories: Italian recipes (Italia), European recipes (Europa), rest of the world recipes (Mondo) and a section with some complete menus, just as mushrooms menu' or pumpkin menu' or summer menu and so on...(Menu' speciali). You can tell us a your country recipe to add in this section. And what's more 'Enologia', all about wines.
Mediateca or Music and Video
MusicsMusic's section: you can find movies' and cartoons' soundtracks, popolar traditional italian music, cinema and more.
Souk just as arabian souk
SoukIn this section there are all you can find in an arabian souk.. the forum, 'La sfinge' - The sphinx, the directories with tests (colors' test) and horoscopes (celtic trees horoscope and chinese horoscope). The 'ludoteca', at last, is the playroom.
Eventi or Events
EventsHere you'll find the next months' feast and traditional festivals and exhibitions' calendar.
Biblioteca or Library
LibraryOur virtual library, people send us books' comments... a lots of section with books to travel, visit castles, cook, read recipes and go on...
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